Tusk 0.2 Released

Finally got around to cutting 0.2, not helped by home internet connection playing up. Here are the major changes:

Limited code coverage support

Currently only outputs HTML reports. See JSON configuration file section below for how to active this and the available options.


When testing applications built on top of large frameworks like Zend or Symfony, you’ll usually need to run some code to initialise the framework (autoloader, DI container, etc.) before running your tests. Tusk now lets you supply a ‘bootstrap’ PHP file that will automatically be executed before any tests are run.

JSON configuration file

Just place a tusk.json file in your project’s root directory. Run tusk from the same directory and it’ll automatically pick it up. Here are all options in the current schema:

    "paths": ["paths/", "to/your/", "specs/*"],
    "bootstrap": "path/to/bootstrap.php",
    "codeCoverage": {
        "sourcePaths": ["paths/", "to/your/", "source/code/*"],
        "outputDirectory": "output/report/here"

Specifying spec paths directly on the command line is still permitted, and will override any values in tusk.json.

For 0.3

To install

Using Composer:

    "require": {
        "jlippitt/tusk": "~0.2"

Or clone from the Tusk github repository:

git clone git@github.com:jlippitt/tusk